Roof leaks harm more than just your roof. Just one very small pinhole leak can damage thousands of dollars in additional materials in your home. A leak in the roof can destroy the plywood or perlin sheathing under your shingles and tar paper, it can rot away structural members like joists, it can damage drywall and plaster (wet drywall is just about the perfect food source and environment for mold and mildew and other household pollutants), can affect paint and even flooring.

You might not even know you have a roof leak. Water is not only destructive but finicky, and can seep into places you don’t even realize. We’ve seen water travel under the shingles, rotting the plywood decking away as it goes, to where it seeps into walls, destroying insulation and drywall along the way. 

This is why it’s absolutely key, number one, to have your roof installed professionally by a certified installer. But two, have your roof checked by a professional every decade or so, and replace your roof before these leaks become a problem. We understand nobody likes to pay a large expense, and thinking about the roof isn’t a whole lot of fun, but by taking care of the problem now you can save money in the long run.